About us

For many years now, our biggest dream has been to own a small pension somewhere by the sea. Where the sun shines all year round and time passes a little slower. Where people on the street smile at you for no reason. Where they often have fun and celebrate every holiday. Where you can feel peace all over the place and the rush of the classical European world loses its meaning.

Where else could we find such a place, than in a small Spanish coastal town? After a long effort we are finally here, our dream is slowly becoming a reality. We are grateful that we can share the beauty of this place with other people like you. We look forward to meeting and welcoming you at such a beautiful place with a special spirit called El Perelló.

And what have we learned so far? That every sunrise brings new possibilities for all who believe in their dreams and do not give up…

Veronika & Aleš


We thank architects from Mozart Arquitectos, Valencia. To the Banco Sabadell employees in Valencia, because without them we wouldn’t have done it either. All friends from El Perelló for their help and support. Karel Tříska for the website, Petra from FB page We Like Spanish for the Spanish translation and Spanish lessons, to our families, friends and everyone who encouraged us and helped us all the previous year.