The famous Albufera Lake can be visited and a variety of birds can be seen during a boat trip. Nearby is also a lookout tower with information center and binoculars, from where you can watch the birds. One of the greatest experiences is observing flamingos in the wild, which with a little luck you can see on lakes or rice fields. A small town El Palmar is a popular tourist destination. You can also get there by bus. The sunset over Albufera is one of the most beautiful ever. People from Valencia and all surrounding area descend to it.

Mountains and natural lakes

In the nearby mountains, you will be captivated by the fabulous natural lakes with clear water and waterfalls. There are countless of them in the province of Valencia. Most of them have free admission. Their cold crystal water is a great refreshment in summer, and the surrounding countryside is a balm for a soul.

You can also take a variety of hikes, discover abandoned monasteries in the woods or visit one of the many castles. Spain is not just about beaches and oranges. Some places are also famous climber spots.


Valencia city and its beauty will captivate lovers of history, architecture and Spanish culture, but also fans of modern art. Even for those who like to go party or dance, Valencia is a great choice. Taxi services are very affordable.

Party and clubs

Plenty of clubs and discos will be certainly appreciated by younger guests and party lovers. Some of them really have a great style. Their atmosphere will not let you leave after just one cocktail. You should taste a typical delicious cocktail Aqua de Valencia drink.

Perhaps the most typical Spanish alcoholic beverage is called Sangria. It is usually made from red wine, fruit pulp, sweetener and brandy. The name is derived from a name for blood (in Spanish “sangre”), due to the deep red color.

Hot spring

On colder days, a visit to a nearby mountain town, where you will find a romantic place with warm healing springs, is a great tip for a trip. The water in a lake between the rocks maintains a temperature of 25 ° C. You can also swim in winter there.

Holiday for everyone

Are you a couple looking for a romantic holiday with breathtaking sunsets over Albufera national park, sunsets over the sea and strolling on endlessly long beaches?

A group of friends who want to do some sport during their recreation, whether on a surfboard, windsurf, kit or go trekking around? In the evening you can have a couple of drinks in a bar or visit a discotheque.

Or a family with a small child, for whom it is important to have access to a sandy beach with very gradual entry into the sea and enjoyment for children? Do you appreciate climbing frames and playgrounds on the beaches and every corner?

Are you a retired person who wants to spend a holiday or even several months by the sea in a quiet town in accommodation close to all amenities, restaurants, bakeries and shops? Are you afraid you won’t speak a foreign language?

So you all are right here and we are looking forward to seeing you soon! We speak Czech, English, German and a bit Spanish and we will help you with everything. We live in the same town and be happy to help you all your holiday.

What term to choose for your recreation?

A visit in the summer months is ideal for those, who like high outdoor temperatures, sea like a “coffee” and busy places. In summer, it really gets crowded here, especially during July and August. A special summer bar, Chiringuito, can be found on the beach. Cocktails can be enjoyed with the right seaside flavor and Spanish music, which will make you want to partake in the dance floor fun! Perhaps every week there are festivities. Bars and discos are full.

In low season, on the other hand, you can enjoy almost empty beaches and more peace. The weather is sunny, warm and suitable for swimming almost all spring and autumn as well. Hardy people even go swimming in winter. So you can start with a hardening bark that has beneficial effects on the body and mind. During the day it is warm even in winter months. Sometimes temperatures reach 28 ° C in winter.

Of course you can surf in neoprene all year round, so for water sports lovers, the season never ends. Even in winter, the sun warms pleasantly, and in addition to ideal conditions for surfers and kiters, it is an ideal time for trips. To discover the beautiful nature and history of Spain by bike, on foot, by car or by bus, a spring jacket will suffice. Only during few days in the middle of winter it is really cool even during the day.